Meet The Team

Amber Wahlgren,
Communications Coordinator
Grant Schwader,
Operations Manager
JD Rosman,
Communications Specialist
Jena McRell,
Digital Editor

Terry Cotton

Vice President of Sales

Rick Cozzitorto

Doneta Brown,
Advertising Coordinator
Erin Sherwood,
Photo Assistant
Josh Comninellis,
Video Editor
Donald Korthanke,
Production Manager
Melinda Cordell
Proofreading Coordinator
Carol Beckett,
Production Coordinator

Sara Reardon

General Manager
Sharon Mayes,
Julie Martinez,
Jacque McGinness,
Proofreading Coordinator
Shelby Mettlen,
Assistant Editor
Kasey Brown,
Special Projects Editor
Linda Evans,
Assistant Editor

Shauna Rose Hermel


Becky Weishaar

Creative Media Director
Lea Ann Maudlin,
Photo Coordinator
Leann Schleicher
Art Director
Andy Blumer,
Web Services Team Lead
Lauren Hitch,
Web Designer
Bruce Buntin,
Systems Coordinator
Kathrin Gresham,
Photo Coordinator

Clint Mefford

Director of Communications
Michael Bush,
Graphic Designer
Monica Ford,
Graphic Designer
Mary Black
Editorial Graphic Designer
Susan Bomar,
Graphic Designer
Derek Richey,
Web Developer
Mike Nolting,
Web Developer

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